Top 5 Reasons to Use Concrete Water Tanks

Water, as we all know, is one of the basic necessities. People need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to maintain a healthy body. But unfortunately, in some countries, the local government or municipality doesn’t supply enough water. With this in mind, investing in a water tank, specifically, a concrete water tank is a must. These water tanks are usually installed under the ground, though the smaller versions can be mounted above the ground.

If you’re planning to use this type of water tank, but not sure whether it is a wise decision or not, then read on.

concrete water tank

Why should you use concrete water tanks

1. Durable

Compared to plastic water tanks, a concrete water tank is more durable. This is because it is made from concrete that is considered a hard material that can’t be burned.

Concrete tanks, on the other hand, will not be affected by outdoor exposure since they are installed underground.

2. Healthier

Another reason to use this water tank is that it can offer you clean drinking water. In plastic water tanks, copper poisoning is very common. This happens once the acid water enters through the rain, as the acid found in the water will react in the copper pipes. As a result, the saved water that will also flow in the kitchen sink isn’t healthy to consume.

Concrete water tanks eliminate calcium hydroxide into the water and therefore lessen the acidity. So the water stored is safe to drink.

Additionally, when you are using concrete tanks the stain in your bathroom basin will be lessened as they help in balancing acidic water neutrally.

3. Economical

One of the most cost-effective and readily accessible materials in the market these days is concrete. With this in mind, concrete water tanks are much more affordable compared to other materials used in making water tanks such as fibreglass, steel, stone, and plastic.

4. Ability to keep the water cool

Another reason why you should consider using concrete water tanks is that they will keep the water cooler.

The temperature of plastic and water tanks will depend on where they are installed. For example, if the tank is placed in a cold place the water becomes cold and if it is installed in a hot place, then obviously it will become hot.

But for the case of a concrete water tank, since it is installed under the ground you are certain that the water is cool at all times.

5. Easy to clean

Unlike plastic water tanks, concrete ones are much easier to clean. All you need to do is turn off the water supply and drain the tank. After that fill a ten-gallon bucket with water and then add 1 cup of unscented liquid bleach. Then scrub the inside part of the tank using a stiff brush. Lastly, rinse the tank with clean water.

These are only a few of the benefits that you may reap when you use concrete water tanks. If you have decided to give this a try and want to invest in bathroom tapware at the same time, you can visit everhard.com.au for more details.