Guidelines on your Pregnancy: FAQ’s on Getting Your First Prenatal Ultrasound

Being pregnant, you cannot help but have a million questions in your head about the living thing now growing inside of you. Especially if you’re a first-time expectant mother, all the changes in your body, the changes in your appetite and lifestyle will come as sort of a rollercoaster ride in the nine months that you will be carrying your lovechild. If you’ve come across this article looking for guidelines on your first ultrasound scan session, you can have this as your know-it-all ultrasound FAQs guide to the basics:

ultrasound FAQs

Before anything else…

Make a list of everything you want to ask both your obstetrician and the ultrasound technician. You can do this in a week or so before your schedule. You can ask all the small questions like what will you need to do to get clearer fetal pictures on your ultrasound, what to wear to your appointment, and what are the available 3D ultrasound pricing and 4D ultrasound pricing packages, so on and so forth.

Aside from this, you can call your obstetrician and run thru your list of ultrasound FAQs with him or her. An expert’s thoughts and contributions will be of good use to you once you arrive at the ultrasound clinic. Most ultrasound techs at Tacoma Seattle ultrasound clinics or any other clinic in your locality aren’t that savvy on giving you medical data only your trusted obstetrician has, so it is normal to prepare with your OB days before. Click here Prenatal Universe Ultrasound

Listed below are some of the essentials you need to have listed on your ultrasound FAQs list:

1. Should I gain weight? If so, at what rate should I gain some weight to be considered ready for an ultrasound?

2. Do I have any particular health complication or condition that I should address or gets heightened in risk due to the ultrasound session?

3. What type of ultrasound screening should I engage in for my specific kind of delivery?

4. Diet-wise, is there any food or beverage I should avoid, indulge in, or control before and after my ultrasound session?

5. In the case of decreasing my body mass, is there any type of exercise I should do to help my goal? How often and how intense should my workout be? Is there a type of exercise regimen that I should avoid?

6. Should I be concerned about traveling and transportation when pregnant?

7. Can I use beauty products or cosmetics such as sunless self-tanners, nail polish, hair dye, etc.? Can I go to the spa or get a massage? Are there any changes I should do to my everyday beauty and makeup routine to address pregnancy concerns?

8. In what position should I sleep in? What kind of pillow is safe to use?

9. Are there any over-the-counter medications I should avoid taking? How about any over-the-counter medications I should not partake in before or after my ultrasound session?

10. Are there any prenatal vitamin or food supplements I should take?

11. What should I wear on my ultrasound sessions?

12. How can I manage any kind of symptom that may rise after the ultrasound?

13. When is it a good time to call you and the ultrasound technician you recommended for any concerns?



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